Aerial Photos; Three Hundred Yard Pour!!

DKM Contracting, LLC pulled off a sizeable pour this past week, on Wednesday, April 11, 2018. The total concrete was in excess of 370 cubic yards for this structural pad. The pour kicked off shortly after midnight, in the AM of Wednesday morning. The owner of the new pad caught some very elusive photos of the job, for those of us who aren’t night owls.

In the aerial photographs, you can see the pump trucks being used to pump concrete out onto the prepared subgrade. The correct utilization of pumps is key to jobs of this magnitude.

Interesting to note, the aerial photographs starkly reveal the finishing pattern produced in this technique. The striped patterned witnessed from above is created by utilizing motorized trowelling machines to cut down ‘highs’ and fill in ‘lows’ on the slab surface. The photograph was taken pre-final finish where eventually all striping will eventually fade out completely from view as the concrete dries and hardens. Subsequent passes over will reveal a more polished finish with each new pass. Given sufficient drying time between each new series of passes, the end result will be a superbly flat, mirror-like surface.